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My name is Alexis Bohannon.  I am a trusted financial planner providing feasible financial advice and helping people plan their finances inline with their goals. I also specialize in income tax planning, estate planning and retirement planning. So if you need the help of a financial planner to reach your financial goals or need to consult with an income tax planner, you have come to the right place.

Topics I Discuss


Financial Statement Analysis and Goal Setting

Review and Analyze the current state of your finances, then set goals to create your new financial plan


Insurance and Risk Management

Evaluate your insurance needs and prepare you for risk mitigation


Investment Planning

Review your current investment strategy and create any new strategies to grow your money


Income Tax Planning

Tax Strategy and Planning


Retirement Planning

Review your current retirement plans and determine a strategy to ensure the life you desire in retirement


Estate Planning

Plan and prepare your estate to go to your planned beneficiaries


Education Planning

Plan and determine the funding for your child’s education

I’m Alexis Bohannon, I Help People Get Candid With Their Finances To Create The Life Of Their Dreams.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Alexis Bohannon and I’m the Candid Finance Chick. Here I teach you everything about finance from paying off debt to estate planning. 

I help you to create comprehensive financial plans that guide you on your journey of living the life you desire, while educating on all things money.

How we can work together:

One-on-One Financial Planning

Group Coaching

Workshops & Seminars

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What Clients are Saying

I have consulted with Alexis several times regarding financial personal planning as well as financial planning for my business. Working with Alexis has helped me to better monitor and set up my personal and business financials to help me transition from a full time employee to a fulltime entrepreneur.
Anita M.
I went to Alexis for advice about my savings journey and how to get the most out my retirement accounts. She was professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating. I appreciate how transparent she was about what is attainable and realistic and didn’t just tell me what she thought I wanted to hear.
Jose M.
Retired Officer

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